New series of EdTech Reflective Exploration Stories

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has released the first in a series of stories following teachers and trainers from six organisations as they undertake CPD in use of educational technology (EdTech) to develop their teaching practice.

The stories focus on six ‘Reflective Exploration’ projects funded by the ETF from February to March of this year. The aim of the projects was to help teachers and trainers in six organisations to develop their digital skills by engaging with the resources and communities of practice on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

Practitioners worked in groups of up to three supported by a Project Lead, who was also involved in the reflective CPD process. Practitioners were asked to identify specific areas of their teaching they wanted to improve and to complete a bespoke menu of training on the platform, then apply the learning to their practice and critically reflect on the impact. Part of the remit was to share learning with each other and with wider colleagues in the organisation. All projects were supported by an ETF EdTech Mentor, who also provided coaching and helped to personalise the training content.

Projects were invited to focus on one of the following six themes:

  • Engaging learners and maintaining your good mental health when delivering remotely.
  • BYOD and selecting appropriate technology tools.
  • Extending your digital skills.
  • Digital accessibility – where are you now and where do you want to be?
  • Digital differentiation in delivery and assessment.
  • Learning from others and fostering practitioner networks.

Participants produced reflective diaries and short videos to record their CPD experience and the impact on their practice.

The six organisations that took part in these Reflective Explorations included a mix of colleges, local authority adult learning services and independent training providers:

The stories, which are being published on the ETF website, look at the ways in which teachers and trainers explored new digital practices, the impact that had, and how it has informed their plans for future CPD.

The first story to be published is about the Reflective Exploration project at Hertfordshire Adult Family Learning Service (HAFLS) where the project team chose the theme ‘Extending your digital skills’. Project Lead, John Mensah, Advanced Practitioner at HAFLS, said: “The main impact has been seen in achieving a higher degree of reflection in teachers’ everyday practice at HAFLS. The practitioners became more aware of their role as change agents for the digital agenda, they had meaningful professional discussions about their influence on increasing learners’ confidence to use new digital technologies and they focused on the quality of the resources and the learner engagement in online delivery.”

Vikki Liogier, National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills at the ETF, said:

“The Reflective Explorations enabled teachers and trainers to engage in collaborative working and follow their personal CPD interests in developing their digital pedagogy. It is really stimulating to read the feedback in these Reflective Exploration stories and to hear about the impact that this CPD has had on the team and the organisation.”

The first story has been published on the ETF website:

Read about the Hertfordshire Adult Family Learning Service Reflective Exploration.

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