Support for remote working

Start your digital CPD journey with the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Enhance starter guide coverThe Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has developed a user-friendly online training service, the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform (EnhanceDTP), designed specifically to help the Further Education (FE) sector staff with scarce time for CPD to respond to self-identified training needs. The focus is on effective teaching, rather than technology, with a structure that puts you in control of your own digital CPD.

The platform features two core offers – the first focused on use of Educational Technology (EdTech) in teaching and training, based on the Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF), and the second on Essential Digital Skills for life and work.

This guide is for teachers and trainers in FE who are looking for free, easy-to-access support to develop their teaching practice using technology. The 60-minute Teacher Starter Pack (accessible version) aims to equip practitioners to support their learners whatever the circumstances. 

Fully-funded online EdTech webinar recordings

We have recorded a series of free, online webinars to help colleagues across the FE sector who work from home to support their students and learners.

You can access the webinars through the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

14 new EdTech modules to support digital learning

14 new educational technology (EdTech) training modules released on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform with the aim to support teachers and trainers across the sector with digital content creation and delivery at a time when remote working is necessitated again. The modules cover practical topics including:

The new modules all map to the ETF’s national EdTech competency framework, the Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF). The DTPF helps practitioners to track progress in using EdTech through three stages of development – Exploring (starter), Adopting (intermediate), and Leading (advanced). The new training modules cover all three stages of development.

This latest batch of 14 modules is part of the ETF’s EdTech Strategy to provide training covering all aspects of the DTPF by end of March 2021.

To access the new training modules, please visit the Enhance platform.

New EdTech Webinars for Managers

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has announced four webinars to support managers to develop the digital capabilities of teachers and trainers within their organisations for remote, blended and in class delivery. The four webinars, which are free to access, will be delivered by the team behind the educational technology (EdTech) offer on the ETF’s Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.

The sessions will cover current themes based on manager feedback:

22 March, 13:30–14:30 Creating a culture of critical reflection to improve digital practices
Create a culture of critical reflection within your organisation to improve digital practices of both individuals and organisations.

22 March, 15:30–16:30 Accessibility maturity – an organisational approach to legal compliance/cultural change
Gain confidence to start creating roadmaps to help you comply with accessibility legislation. Using the Accessibility Maturity Model for Education, we’ll illustrate how accessibility impacts on all areas of your organisation, from practice to policy and process.

23 March, 14:30–15:30 Digital wellbeing and supporting your staff to manage theirs
Remote and blended delivery has meant that we are all using digital devices far more than normal. We will explore how you can support the digital wellbeing of teachers, trainers and support staff that you manage, as well as yourself.

23 March, 16:00–17:00 Digital strategies and digital savviness for managers
Developing your digital savviness can help inform the digital strategies you implement within your curriculum areas and organisations. Being able to make good judgements on the EdTech tools your organisation uses helps to prevent challenges and makes it easier to plan training and peer sharing opportunities.

Connected and Effective: Delivering great remote learning


The presenters take a practical approach to mastering the real life challenges that remote learning poses for teachers and learners alike, exploring established good practice and the findings of recent experience in the sector.

Click on the titles below to book your place.

23 March, 12:30 – 13:30 Maintaining engagement and ensuring progress

This webinar applies the insights of current pedagogical thinking and recent sector experience, blending theory and practice in a scenario-based approach to explore the challenges and opportunities for engaging learners during extended periods of remote learning and creating and sustaining momentum.

26 March, 12:30 – 13:30 Achieving your goals with remote learning: quality and performance in practice

This webinar explores practical definitions of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the context of remote learning. A scenario-based approach explores practical definitions of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the context of remote learning. It examines the challenges and possibilities for getting the best out of EdTech to deliver great learning experiences and outcomes, and how to be sure you’ve achieved your goals.

More information on the webinars and supporting modules can be found on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.