Industry Insights provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills and increase your knowledge by undertaking placements within industry.

Student in laboratoryIndustry Insights has several distinct components, through which you will be able to:

  • undertake placements
  • access industry relevant mentoring
  • participate in group industry collaboration
  • engage in industry led workshops.

These are the principles on which Industry Insights operates. We will usually ensure:

  1. The application supports the occupational specialism in the T Level
  2. The provider is approved to deliver T Levels by 2023
  3. Three applications, per occupational specialism, are available per provider
  4. Providers who are delivering a new T Level are prioritised for Industry Insights activities

One day work shadowing: You will observe industry colleagues in their day-to-day roles, with the opportunity to ask questions and engage with current industry experts.

Two-to-five day placements: You will be encouraged to undertake tasks and engage in day-to-day activities as agreed with the employer.

Virtual placements offer a flexible alternative to attending placements in person. These will support you to develop your skills and increase your industry knowledge and understanding of current industry practices.
Two types of virtual placement available:

  • Virtual Work Shadowing – eight hours, including online interaction and agreed learning activities
  • Virtual Work Placement – 16 hours, including online interaction, agreed learning activities and an employer set task (optional).


  • Conducted online
  • Placement hours can take place over an agreed period, up to a maximum of six weeks.

This programme aims to match you with an appropriate mentor from the specific industry aligned to the T Level you are delivering.

Key benefits to you:

  • An opportunity to meet, share ideas and work with an industry specific expert.
  • A space to ask questions, share challenges and frame your T Level thinking and practice.
  • Receiving feedback from your industry mentor.
  • Increasing your knowledge and understanding of current industry practices.
  • Further developing your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Developing your understanding of employer relationships.


  • Mentoring will be conducted online.
  • Eight hours of direct contact with your mentor, spread over an agreed period, up to a maximum of eight months.
  • Additional eight hours of reflection and preparation time.

See our useful graphic, to understand the distinction between the different mentoring support available for practitioners in the Further Education sector.

Designed to give a group of up to five participants, from up to five different T Level providers, the opportunity to undertake a series of virtual sessions with an employer. You will also be involved in an industry focused collaboration project.

This programme consists of:

  • Four employer sessions – covering a range of areas specific to the industry/employer, with dedicated time for you to pose questions. Each session lasting two hours.
  • Three participant collaboration sessions – where participants will work on the industry focused collaboration project. Each session lasting two hours with an additional two hours for reflection and evaluation.


  • Conducted online.
  • 16 hours, scheduled over eight weeks.

An opportunity for you to meet as a group with an employer or industry specialist, to receive updates, and engage in demonstrations or Q&A sessions. 

Key benefits to you:

  • Interact with employers and industry experts through Q&A sessions.
  • Hear the latest sector specific updates.
  • View demonstrations of the latest industry specific technologies.
  • Engage and make links with employers.


Bite-sized live online events, each lasting one to two hours.

Read the Industry Workshops flyer for further information.

Assess your industry understanding by undertaking the Employer Partnerships and Industry Insights online course.

If you are choosing to undertake an Industry Insights work placement, we highly recommended you undertake this course, which offers a range of practical approaches to improve your industry sector knowledge and employer engagement practices.

Key benefits to you:

  • Learn why FE providers and employer partnerships are so essential.
  • Understand how to effectively build and maintain partnerships with employers.
  • Find out what the next steps need to be.

Course delivery: online over four weeks, with six hours of guided learning.
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How to apply 

To apply for any activity options listed on this page, including booking onto a course or workshop, please create your profile on our T Level Professional Development Platform.

Related CPD

You may also be interested in our online course, Operational Middle Leaders and Managers: Working with employers: co-designing the T Level curriculum, putting it into practice.

Before applying, you should consider any employer contacts you or your provider has already established who could support your activity. We encourage you to speak to employers and obtain a commitment to support and include their details on the application form. If you do not have any connections to relevant employers, then please identify a potential employer who you would like to undertake your activity with. If you require additional support, our dedicated Employer Engagement Coordinators (EECs) can speak to you to explore any potential employer opportunities 

Applications for Industry Insights for the academic year 21/22 opened on 29 May 2021 and will remain open until 27 May 2022. 

We highly recommend you complete your Individual Training Needs Analysis, which can be accessed via the T Level Professional Development Platform. The analysis will help you identify any skills and knowledge gaps and direct you to relevant CPD. 

Remission is available to enable participation in placements, mentoring and industry collaboration. Remission is paid directly to the provider, to minimise disruption to delivery and enable staff to fully engage with the programme.

 The ETF has a team of Area Relationship and Development Leads across England specifically to support each provider with the TLPD offer. Get in touch with your Area Relationship and Development Lead.